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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Serving up a hearty test with everything on it

Tomorrow is my PLAN test. It’s a test to see everything I have learned in school so far...it covers everything. I don't want to do it...it's...it's...its horrible!!! Wish me luck so I don't panic and fail.


Blogger lfa tai chi blog said...

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6:55 PM

Blogger Mark Potes said...

Peace and love to you.
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6:56 PM

Blogger Rune Warden said...

hi, whats your username? maybe we could meet up soon. Well maybe not, my keyboard is kinda messed up. and I cant type in my username without messing it up.. so as soon as i get a new one i will be on...oh ya, so would you be intersested in joining my clan then? Write back.


6:49 PM

Blogger Rogue_Ace said...

well right now im only a lvl 35, most people wouldnt want a noob in their clan, but if you do i would love to!

6:14 AM


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