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Friday, October 28, 2005

I Hate the Law

Ok, word of warning: DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS IDEA AS STATED BELOW, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS. I will never do that again. Me and some friends did some today in the cul-de-sac near my house. Bad idea. Some people called the police on us and we are in trouble. First of all there is a school near my house - some people there called the police and told them they heard gun fire, so they with held the kids from leaving right away. The police sat us on the curb and got our names and stuff, then he repeatedly told us that whay we made was an explosive/bomb. He also told us that we could have hurt someone, even though no one was around, so the only people in danger were ourselves. He told us that it was illegal to buy or have dry ice in your possession. How did we know? Now lets compare this to ciggarettes. When going into a store there are numerous signs stating that you can't own or buy tobbacco. But does it state that on the dry ice cooler? NO! If there was no sign saying we can't buy or possess dry ice then how are we supposed to know? We know we can't buy tobbacco, but how come we don't know we can't buy dry ice? Because there is no warning. Thats my defence and I stand buy it. And now you won't get a picture cause if they ever find this blog they will pin it on me if someone else attempts to try this. Did I mention that its a felony? Yup it is. Its called 4th degree arsonry.


Blogger Master_Of_Games said...

i cant belive the law over there is so stupid.

it just so happens that even if you did not know that it was a crime to make a dry ice bomb well they can still have you charged becuase they could think that you made up the part of not knowing that it was illegal to make one.

the us is and im not saying it to be mean but "paranoid" is what the us is and they could get the idea of you having a bomb because after the 9/11 the border to the US and Canada got more seceraty and would not let my little sister go to school in the US becuase im guessing that they thing shes a terrorist.

notice how im not Anonymous for this blog

9:14 AM


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